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Workshop on Functional Medicine Approach for Autism & Developmental Disorders

Know the real root causes behind Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Speech delay & other Development Disorders and what best can be done as per latest scientific research

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Live Session

2 Hours Total

22 November (WED) 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM IST

HURRY! Seats filling fast!

HURRY! Seats filling fast

14 DEC 2023 (Thursday)   

2 Hours Live Session              

07:30 PM to 09:30 PM IST

Language: English+Hindi

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Ashwani Garg

Functional Medicine Expert
(MBBS, Certified in Functional Medicine) 

Dr. Ashwani has 5+ years of experience in Functional Medicine practice and specialises in child developmental disorders. He firmly believes that right nutrition can prevent, treat and reverse chronic conditions. He looks beyond symptoms, understands and addresses the root causes behind each symptom and helps restore health through diet, lifestyle changes and correct supplementation.

What you'll Learn in the Workshop

Common root causes behind symptoms of Developmental Disorders

Most of the causes can be addressed with a comprehensive Functional Medicine Approach

The right Diet and Lifestyle for kids with Developmental Issues

About our treatment program and get answers to all your queries

Experiences Shared by Parents

Kickstart your child's transformation journey!

Benefits of Our Treatment Approach

Attacks Root Causes

Objectivity Through Testing

Holistic in Nature

Supplements, Diet & Lifestyle

No-Side Effects

Result Oriented


Select the symptoms your child displays

If you have checked any of the boxes, you MUST NOT MISS this workshop! 

What Parents have to say about our approach...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Our Comprehensive Functional Medicine Based Approach

NO Chemical Medications

Using a Functional Medicine Approach, our recommendation for nutraceuticals/ supplements (made of natural extracts) are based strictly on thorough testing, no judgement based treatment for autism.

Healthy & Healing Diet/ Lifestyle

Lifestyle & Healthy Diet for Autism are critical components of our comprehensive Functional Medicine based treatment approach. These play an important supportive role in your child's healing journey.

Parental Education Classes

The child heals when the parent is aware about the right diet & lifestyle to be maintained during the autism treatment and even afterwards. Understand the blood & other reports well, so you know exactly what are the root causes in your child's case.

Implementation Support Throughout

To ensure correct implementation of the recommendations during the autism treatment period - you are continuously in touch with the doctors and the support team. Helps in achieving desired results due to continuous monitoring and changes.

Introduction to Internal Healing Therapies

External therapies are just not enough. We need to heal the child internally to function at an optimum level with the help of internal therapies like Energy, Light, Water, Sound etc.

Can be done from anywhere in the World

Our treatment program can be done from the comfort of your home. Online group sessions & consultation happens over zoom. Testing can be arranged for home sample collection in India or dry testing kits can be sent, anywhere in the world.

Kickstart your child's transformation journey!